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Monsters update

We have received some sample artwork for the picture book and it’s exciting!  Still revisions to do and need to make the final call on which illustrator to go with.  But it’s definitely been a blast over the last week.  Learning a ton about self-publishing too.  Who knew knowledge weighed so much?

Facebook announcement

A repost of my FB announcement on the launch of the poem and book.

It’s a gorgeous day here in Colorado. Can’t think of a better day to put this out there.  This is a pretty public announcement. I’m both excited and, shall we say, nervous.

I don’t think many people know, but I’ve been writing as a “hobby” for about ten years now. I’ve been a member of the Society of Children’s Bookwriters and Illustrators for four or five years now and run a critique group in Boulder.

I started writing for my (completely awesome) kids and that eventually turned into a novel. Not one anyone would have wanted to read, but you have to start someplace.  A few years ago I moved onto the path of seriously wanting to be an author and have spent a lot of time and effort learning the craft of writing. It’s been a great trip. And I’ve recently had some important people in my life nudge me to finally own it and put my writing out there.

Like most writers, my goal is to have an impact on my readers. To introduce new ideas, stir emotions and to entertain.

Below is a link to a poem I wrote for my niece (that would be you Isabella).  The link is to a PDF.  I’m working on an illustrated version of the poem and expect to have that available in November. When it’s done I’ll be giving away the Kindle version for free for a few days.  If you have any interest, sign-up at the link below to get an update for when the free version is available.  Amazon also has the ability to publish on demand so I expect to have hard copies available as well.

Honestly, the poem above was a bit of an accident, I never intended for it to be published.  That’s where awesome, supporting friends can be really handy.  The novel I’ve been working on is middle grade (~9-12) fantasy. It’s called The Book of Dreams. Current schedule has it hitting Amazon on December 1.  And I’ll be posting some additional writing, free chapters, some artwork from the novel and possibly a book trailer to the website in the next few weeks.

My writing won’t be for everyone and that’s OK. If you don’t have kids but know someone who does, I would appreciate you forwarding the links below on.  I’m getting this out word of mouth and I deeply appreciate anyone who can take a few moments to pass it on.

Exciting times!  Writing is a real passion for me and my desire is to bring people great stories that entertain and move you.  Please feel free to leave feedback on the website, I would love to hear from you.

Here are the links for the website, downloading the poem and getting on the mailing list.  Have a beautiful weekend.