Editors, beta readers and the final chapter

I sent a first draft (or ninth, depending on how your counting) off to an editor last week.  I still had a few chapters to finish, but didn’t want to delay anymore.  In the meantime, I’ve finished my own editing of every chapter but one.  Just finished chapters 28 through 31 tonight, but need to go back and fix up chapter 21.

I’m super stoked. One more chapter to go and the book is pretty much finished except for whatever my editor comes back with. As soon as shes given it a pass I’ll be sending out to a handful of beta readers.

I’m not planning to make major revisions unless I get some very clear feedback that somethings wrong.  However, I do plan to use any feedback for the second book, which is already about 2/3 done.

I’m targeting Sept 15th to release, but that might shift depending on how the editing and beta reading goes.  But I’m definitely close and very excited.

More to come soon, promise!

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