The Goblin God

So, yeah, goblins play a pretty important role in the book.  Chapter 23 is about a goblin who tries to turn himself into a god using the Book of Dreams.  I won’t spoil the outcome.

Just finished editing it (that’s chapter 23). It’s a short chapter at only six pages.  Knocked it down from 1942 to 1800 words.

I’ve edited 60,000 words with 28,000 to go.  With the 60,000 words I removed about 5800, so I am very close to my 10% target.  But then I added 3900 for Gifts from the Dead chapter, so my total actual savings is around 3%.

None of these word counts really mean anything in and of themselves. It’s more a statement on tightening the writing up, polishing it and making it shine.  Nine times out of ten that means getting rid of unnecessary text.  But sometimes it means surgically adding and I’m happy with where I’m at.

Chapter Titles

Thought this would be fun to share…

Chapter 1. Invitation to a Picnic
Chapter 2. But Not Today
Chapter 3. The A Maze Inn
Chapter 4. In Search of Adventure
Chapter 5. Not the Alice
Chapter 6. Of Moose and Men
Chapter 7. Prisoner
Chapter 8. Bear Arms
Chapter 9. Bring in the Scum
Chapter 10. Lady Catherine
Chapter 11. Invasion
Chapter 12. The Book of Dreams
Chapter 13. A Horse Called Bug
Chapter 14. A Way With Dragons
Chapter 15. The Lost City
Chapter 16. Stairs and Servants
Chapter 17. Gifts from the Dead
Chapter 18. Trivial Pursuit
Chapter 19. The Price of Treasure
Chapter 20. Goblin Interlude
Chapter 21. Along the River
Chapter 22. Maleen and Maline
Chapter 23. The Goblin God
Chapter 24. The Queen of Flames
Chapter 25. Techan
Chapter 26. Field Trip
Chapter 27. Night at the Museum
Chapter 28. The Scroll of Amnameneus
Chapter 29. The Valley of the Sword
Chapter 30. Pilots and Pencils
Chapter 31. The Blue Caryatid

Chapter updates

The chapter Gifts from the Dead looks like a keeper.  Adding those 3000 words pretty much blew out all the other savings I had made, but I still have nine chapters to edit and still finding things to cut.  Here are the results of chapters 19 and 20.   Not counting Gifts from the Dead, I’ve cut about 6% of the original word count, which I’m very pleased with.

Chap Original Count Final Count Cut
19 3744 3588 156
20 1524 1291 233


What is the Book of Dreams anyway?

I realized I’ve never revealed the plot to the Book of Dreams.

Here’s the elevator pitch: “David and his five year old sister enter a world where reality is defined by will and imagination.  A prophecy says that David is the one who will find the Book of Dreams and defeat the evil Queen of Flames. All in a days work, until David discovers the Queen of Flames is his sister.”

Sibling rivalry anyone?

More on the plot later and I’ll be posting chapters and some short stories to the newsletter in the upcoming weeks. Sign-up at the top of the website if you’d like to receive the newsletter.